The Sisterhood Support

The Sisterhood Society Australia utilises social media as a platform to advocate and increase acceptance of Autism in females.

Too frequently Autistic women and girls are either misdiagnosed or missed all together. This can lead to confusion and other mental health conditions throughout their life.

Our public Facebook page The Sisterhood Society Australia¬†enables people easy access to information and gives us the opportunity to build a presence within communities. It aims to educate and inspire acceptance of Autistic girls and women. Please support us by interacting with this page. We’d love to hear from you!

Social media is also a way of connecting people with other like minded women and/or parents of girls.

We have two closed Facebook groups that offer guidance, support and friendship for members in a positive, safe environment.

You or your child does not need an official diagnosis to join. We encourage you to join the appropriate group to see if this is where you belong. For many members this has helped connect the dots in their lives by reading and relating to other people’s experiences with their own.

Sisterhood Of The Autistic Girl

Sisterhood Of The Autistic Woman

Instructions to Join

1. Request to join
2. Message here
3. Reply to the instant message

Please note: If your security settings are too high on Facebook and we can’t confirm your location or legitimacy of your profile then you cannot be added


  • The term ‘Aspergers’ is no longer an official diagnosis though still widely used within community. Aspergers falls under the Autism Spectrum. If you believe you or your child fits the ‘Aspergers’ criteria please don’t let that discourage you from joining. We accept all Autistic women and girls.
  • Our groups are predominantly Australian. If you live outside Australia please feel free to contact us and we can potentially recommend another group that may be more local
  • Sisterhood of the Autistic Woman is¬†Strictly an Autistic Only space
  • Sisterhood of the Autistic Girl is open to parents and professionals